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Water Polo Fit x Delfina 4 Week Mobility Program

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We are super excited to announce a FREE 4 Week Water Polo Mobility Program in collaboration with Water Polo Fit. 

As water polo begins to resume it's important to take extra care with our preparation and recovery in order to avoid unnecessary injuries and be able to perform at our peak.

All of the exercises are water polo specific and come with years of elite knowledge from training and playing with some of Australia's best water polo players.

This program has been created by Marin Lazic (former international water polo player and renowned water polo S&C coach) and James Falzon (over 350 Australian Water Polo League games for Balmain). 

To help you move better we have created a WPF x Delfina bundle of a foam roller, massage ball & downloadable exercise sheets.

Save $10 Off Foam Roller & Massage Ball Bundle


Check out the first video below & head to the WPF website to follow the program.


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