Raisa Vartanesian

Supplier, Warehouse, Order Management and Fulfilment Guru | Supreme reader.

A little more about Raisa:

In need of an organised, process driven and diligent leader, Delfina excitedly welcomed Raisa from her previous role with Nike. Having spent years assisting the Nike team with excessive order volumes and product quantities, Raisa came well equipped to whip the Delfina warehouse and suppliers into shape – which she has done so fantastically. 
Outside of keeping Delfina afloat, Raisa is a dedicated reader (targeting 100 books this year!) and providers support and services to community policing and investigator groups. 

Raisa’s perfect business meeting location is at Delfina HQ where she can show off her remodelled office and warehouse process, or at any book-store/café retailer.

Call Raisa for all things relating to Order updates, Shipping and Tracking, General Enquiries.

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