Tyler Martin

Founder of Delfina Sport | 2016 Rio Olympian (Water Polo) | Founder of Yes You Can Drinks.

A little more about Tyler:

Tyler founded the Delfina Sport in 2013 after competing in Water Polo throughout France, Italy and Hungary. Seeing and experiencing the quality of swimwear, and identifying the demand for premium, customised performance swimwear, Tyler set his sights on bringing theproduct home to the shores of Australia. From early days of fulfilling orders out of his grandmother’s second bedroom, Tyler has developed our product and grown Delfina into the booming business it is today. Much of the growth in Water Polo throughout Australia can be attributed to Tyler’s efforts and contributions throughout the years, developing a legacy we are proud to continue. 

Tyler’s perfect business meeting location would be sitting at Bondi’s Glory Days café with his sons Teddy and Max, looking out as Delfina-donning-athletes tackle the surf whilst their parents sip on YesYouCan’s Spritz at the GD Bar.

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