Delfina supplying Custom Reusable Face masks

We want to do our part.

Every Aussie business must try and play its part to help with the looming threat of COVID-19 and we at Delfina Sport are today announcing that we are temporarily shifting part of our production power to the supply of face masks to help in the ongoing fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.
From today we will now be able to mass produce Custom Reusable Protective Facemasks that can be used for company, club, institution or community use.

Although our bread and butter is and will continue to be custom swimwear and apparel, we feel that given the circumstances evolving over the last few weeks and days, that we are not only obliged but want to help in any way we can!

We have been closely monitoring the updates from our friends and partners in Europe and the USA over the past 2 weeks. 

They have seen an incredible surge in the need for face masks (among other sanitation and protective items) and the supply has not been able to meet the demand.

Us Aussies (and kiwis) tend to think 'we'll be right' and inevitably, we will - but until then we need to be much smarter in our day to day over the next few months.

Head over to for more info or if you would like to purchase individual face masks head to