New Zealand Water Polo & Delfina make a splash!

New Zealand Water Polo & Delfina make a splash!

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One Stop Shop for Water Polo Uniform

Delfina, leading water polo brand, and New Zealand Water Polo have announced a three-year extension to their successful partnership. The partnership will see Delfina become the official supplier of all apparel, uniform and merchandise to the New Zealand Water Polo teams and programs, including swimsuits, training gear, and casual wear for both men and women.  

"At Delfina, supporting athletes and helping to grow the sport of water polo is at our core," said Kal Glanznig, General Manager of Delfina. "We are excited to partner with New Zealand Water Polo and build upon our great partnership to provide our new high-quality teamwear to their athletes. We believe that this partnership will not only help the team achieve their goals in the water, but also contribute to the growth of water polo in New Zealand." 

Jan Shearer, CEO of New Zealand Water Polo, expressed her enthusiasm for the partnership, saying, "We are thrilled to partner with Delfina and offer our athletes access to their top-of-the-line swimwear and apparel. We appreciate Delfina's commitment to helping grow the sport of water polo in New Zealand, this partnership will provide much needed support and excellent delivery of service which NZWP very much appreciates." 

The partnership will begin immediately, with Delfina kitting out the NZWP national travelling teams who are competing overseas.


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