Earth Day: The Clean Cliffs Project!

Earth Day: The Clean Cliffs Project!

The Clean Cliffs Project is a global movement to help rid the oceans of plastic through clean ups and education about the environmental impacts of plastic pollution. 

Founded in 2017 by Red Bull Cliff Divers Ellie Smart and Owen Weymouth with the simple idea to “keep doing what we love while leaving a positive impact on the environment” the organisation has continued to spread their environmental education with 1,887 followers on Instagram and 3 project expeditions to Croatia, Costa Rica and Bali.





As cliff diving often takes athletes to remote areas they have opened the eyes of many to the impacts of plastic pollution in even the most remote areas. We at Delfina Sport are proud to support such a needed organisation through The Clean Cliffs Project using our custom swimwear, mesh bags, towels and clothing.

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