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We want to do our part.

We have already supplied custom reusable face masks for leading brands including

  • Mercedes
  • Jeep
  • Melbourne Water
  • GPT Property Group
  • Ricoh
  • GenesisCare
  • Mitsubishi

Our face masks are loved by these customers because they are washable & reusable making them environmentally friendly and cost competitive instead of using hundreds of disposable face masks. 

Order customised reusable face masks click below: 

"The quality is Amazing. Our staff feel safe and protected while also feeling like part of the Aston Team with the customised protective face masks that Delfina supplied" - Aston Consulting

We can fully customise and brand these reusable face masks allowing for great branding and PR opportunities.

We want to help as many businesses, organisations and schools get back to business as usual and our face masks are already helping tens of thousands of people protect themselves.

"We received the masks so quickly, and they’re great! Everyone says they’re really breathable and well fitted" LMC Lauderdale Marine


The CDC recommends cloth face coverings and our reusable face masks are made from a polyester compound of 200gsm - lightweight yet durable double knit fabric for 2 x the protection from droplets.

Our face masks also include an inbuilt pouch for Anti-Viral Filters to be inserted for more protection. We also can supply these filters.

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Let’s keep each other safe, and do it in style.


Tyler & the Delfina Team

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