Nic Porter NCAA victory with USC Trojans

Nic Porter NCAA victory with USC Trojans

On the back of a momentous NCAA Championship we caught up with USC Trojans and #AussieSharks goalie Nic Porter on his new collegial life in the U.S 🤽‍♂️👏

DS: Congratulations on your NCAA win, could you tell us a bit about this win and your water polo experience prior to your move over to the USC?

NP: My Water Polo experience before USC started at my school, St. Andrew’s Anglican College, and then on to playing club water polo with Sunshine Coast, then on to Queensland and Australian Junior Teams, National League with the Queensland Breakers and then the Aussie Sharks set-up

DS: What prompted the move to the U.S and how has your experience been so far?

NP: I chose to move to USC because of its world-class coaching staff, facilities, education and the chance to play with some pretty incredible players. It’s been the best career decision and I’m absolutely loving every second of it.

DS: What can you take from your college experience back to Australia both in life and your water polo?

NP: Obviously I’ll take a degree back to Australia which sets me up away from Water Polo. In terms of developing as a goalkeeper I’ve learned to be a lot more tactic-focussed, which is something that is completely different from Australia. The emphasis on learning opposition players and their plays inside out is new to me but I’ve really enjoyed learning.

DS: Do you have any advice for any emerging athletes that wish to follow a similar path through the Collegial system or the Aussie Sharks?

NP: My advice to emerging athletes considering the collegiate system is to jump in and do it. It seems a little daunting at first but the people - in particular at USC - are amazing and make you feel so welcome and appreciated. The standard of water polo is very high and makes for ultra-competitive games and practices too. It’s a wonderful career choice which I’d make all over again!

DS: On behalf of Delfina Sport we wish you all the best.

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