Meet our newest recruit! - Koti Ngawati

Meet our newest recruit! - Koti Ngawati

We're excited to welcome Kotuku Ngawati (Koti as she is affectionately known as) to the Delfina Team. Koti made her first senior team (Australian Dolphins) at the age of 16 when she won a silver medal in the 100m Individual Medley at the World Short Course Championships in 2010 in Dubai.

Koti is joining our team of Aquatic Professionals at Delfina as a National Sales Representative and we thought we'd ask her a few questions to introduce her to our Delfina community as she helps us deliver on our vision to empower individuals and teams to look, feel and perform at their best.


So Koti, we'll start off with the easy questions! How long have you been swimming for & what got you into swimming?

Born in QLD I was naturally drawn to the water. I started in a swim school program and moved my way up through squad and have been swimming competitively for 15 years.  I discovered my passion for swimming through Triathlon, from first out of the water to eventually falling back over the course of the bike and run leg.

What is your proudest sporting achievement?

I was riddled with setbacks in the lead up to Olympic Trials which tested my patience and love for the sport but qualifying for the 2016 Rio Olympic Games was bittersweet. I got to turn my dream into a reality.

What was your Olympic experience like? 

My experience was amazing! It was a privilege and pleasure to be part of the journey with the Australian Swim Team. From competition times starting at 10pm to getting back to the Village around 1-2am, to the incredible dining hall the size of a jumbo plane hangar, the Olympics was exactly what I had imagined. Big, busy and beautiful.  Although I didn’t come away with the result I anticipated, I got to rub shoulders with the best athletes in the world. -  Once an Olympian, always an Olympian.

Have you ever tried other sports?

No and last time I did, I played soccer and rolled my ankle and fainted! I tend to stick to water based activities so anything on land I would consider myself a fish out of water and very uncoordinated.  

What lead you to joining Delfina?

What lead me to join the team at Delfina is the passion and commitment to aquatic sports. I think it's rare to work with colleagues who share and understand an athlete driven mindset, therefore I know by joining this amazing team the work ethic, drive, resilience and teamwork are all skills that are highly desirable and successful in business.

What is your favourite Delfina product or design?

Women’s Pineapple Fixed back and the Hoodie Towels.. love them all!

Who is your greatest role model?

I can’t pinpoint a particular role model but everyone I have met has had an impact on my life and has shaped me to become the person I am today.


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