Comfort Cut Water Polo

Secure and comfortable fit throughout games and training. The comfort cut is designed for a more comfortable and lower cut. Made with a more forgiving lining, the Comfort Cut Water Polo Costume is perfect for all body shapes and sizes.


Neckline and lining

The Zipback lining is designed to remove the ability for opponents to easily grab and pull the costume. The costume is double lined to add to the durability of the product


Shape retention

Offers stretch, strength and durability



Create and design or colour scheme for your Zipback


Sublimation printing

No limits to your designs! Choose any combinations of our anti-fading colours and apply them with your logos and text to create the perfect design.


Polyester/PBT material technology

Resists the damaging effects of chlorine and sunlight and will absorb the colours without fading, to give you the sharpest design. Our material is sourced from the best Italian fabric provider and made in our state of the art production facility, utilizing the latest in printing and sewing technology

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